What’s your name?
Lincoln. Can’t give you my full name tho.

Where are you from?
All over. But currently living somewhere in Atlanta.

Are you single?
Ehhh..it’s complicated.  

What does your url mean?
It means I’m the Missng Link.. but well, my nickname is “Linc”.. so.. I’m the Missing Linc. Mind = Blown 

Are you gay?
Nope. I’m very much Bi.

Wait if you’re Bi, why do you mainly reblog pictures of guys?
Because I want to. I like men so I reblog them.

Whatever. You’re gay. Are you a bottom?
I’m not gay & I’m not a bottom.

Are you DL?
Lmfao. Not even.

How many followers do you have?
Several thousand.

How many people do you follow?
A couple hundred.

Do you promo?
Nahhh. But if you submit a picture I’ll probably post it.

Where do I submit?

Do you follow back?
If I like your blog, yeah. But I think it’s silly to follow 1000 blogs that all post the same pictures.

Do you only follow gay blogs?
Nope. The majority of the people I follow are females & straight dudes.

You have straight male followers?
Yup. Some guys are comfortable enough with their sexuality to get past the gay shit I blog. Lol 

I want you to follow me so bad! Will you?
I mean, if it’s that serious I probably will. 

How did you get Tumblr Famous?
I’m not. People just like my blog. I’m a regular ass dude with regular ass tastes. Lol

Do you answer messages privately?
Of course. I don’t want to put your thirst in public. Lol

Can I have your number?

Do you hook up with people on Tumblr.
Ew. No.. miss me with that, bro. 

If I give you my number will you text me?

What’s your favorite blogs?
Check my Blogroll.  

You’re an ass. You complain too much. Your blog sucks. 
Oh. Yew mad.