UMass’ Derrick Gordon announces that he is gay, becoming 1st openly gay athlete in Division I men’s basketball.

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It’s fake but it’s great. Lol

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Are any of you guys/girls willing to share the story of you coming out to your parents? I’m putting together this project for class & I really want to include a lot more people. Something a lot more engaging. If you are interested, email it to me. I want all the details, everything leading up to it, how it all went down & how things stand with you & your parents now.

Stories in the body of the email. No attachments. If you have friends, share this with them too. I want a bunch of people from all races, religions, & parts of the world.

Include name, age, & your current city.

Thanks in advance,

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Speak on it, girl.

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One of my favorites gifs tho.

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Made rebloggable by request from @lloydbestmusic

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Welp. I’m sure this will get more attention than her casual racism. Attention is all she tweeted this for.

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Is Foxy Lying On Jay-Z ?

Foxy Brown, whose real name is Inga Marchand, has revealed that her ticket to rap success came at a price — and that it all happened while she was underage. She says the man who put her on to the rap game, Jay Z (then 27-years-old), took her virginity when she was just 15-years-old — adding Hova (who she says has a ‘horse d*ck’) funded her shopping trips and pampering athair and nail salonswhile she was still in high school…all to get into her panties!

But that’s not all!!! Foxy claims Jay Z is an undercover tranny chaser. She says she learned that after a tranny began calling and harassing her, not long after Jay Z gave her gonorrhea. WTF?!?! Foxy says one of her sex sessions with Jay Z was all caught on tape. That’s when Foxy says she and Jay weren’t alone. Their company was the real “Wanda” from In Living Color…Mr. Jamie Foxx. According to Foxy, Jay Z signed her to “multiple gag orders for where she, Jamie and Jay engaged in a threesome” and that not long after the incident the tape was ironically robbed from herhome. Foxy insists Jay Z had everything to do with that robbery.

Besides alleging that Jay Z chases tranny’s, Foxy says there was one constant man in Hova’s life. According to Foxy, Jay Z and Larry Johnson were ‘f*ck buddies.’ This doesn’t seem so far fetched given the fact that Jay once shared an apartment with the NBA baller who once repped Rocawear.

During her no holds barred account of her experience with Jay Z, Foxy was reported to clearly display a strong disliking for Jay’s wife, Beyonce.

Here’s what Foxy had to say about Mrs. Hova:

“Now he is with Beyonce…Fuck that halitosis-infected heffa.”

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